People come from all over the world to sun, drink and eat at the wonderful Great Bay Beach. The staff is devoted to making sure that guests have a great time. Grab a beach chair from Steve and relax. Inside the restaurant, Sophia and Geeta will take care of you. The Dominican ladies in the kitchen will prepare  dishes for you with a Caribbean flair.

“It's a wonderful feeling to have such a great team working with me at Pirates in Paradise.” says Michael, the owner. “They are truly ambassadors of the Caribbean lifestyle.”
“We get a lot of cruise ship passengers enjoying a day at the beach with us. Hopefully we can convince them to visit St. Maarten for a full vacation at a later time.”

Our amazing staff

For over 10 years, Geeta , Sophia, Yanni, Micheal and Steve have been making sure that your visit to Pirates in Paradise if filled with good food, good drinks, good times and awesome memories.

It's always a good time with the staff on the friendly island !
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